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she still exists?

anyone who remembers me, please comment on these! i haven't done this in forever & i wanna know it's still worth it! & please watch the community--i'll make lots more icons if there is a WANT out there for them!

lots of random stuff here. almost all of them done tonight except for about 10 of them i did a few months ago. i should be sleep for my first day of class tomorrow. -should- be.

6 Community
6 True Blood
4 Dexter
7 Sons of Anarchy
3 Evan Rachel Woods
6 Evangeline Lilly
2 Elizabeth Mitchell

34 icons
spoiler free


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if anyone is still watching this community. i am here.
lost icons (and maybe more fandoms) coming very soon.
i went on a bit of a hiatus again because my computer broke down and i had to run my computer through my television. not very good for photoshop. i got inspired by the new lost and have already made about a dozen icons, with more to come. will get them posted in the next few days.
thank you to those still watching.
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This community is closed down but I'll try to open it again at some point. I lost my laptop a while back and my money situation seems to get worse monthly instead of better. I'll be returning back to school next july or october, so at the very latest it'll be back open then.
sorry to anyone who has noticed.
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